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Why it’s Never Too Early to Start Anti-Aging Skin-Care Treatments

by SeroVital

By: Holly Case, Freelance Writer and Mom of Three Boys

You may not think you need to worry about aging when you’re still young. After all, your skin still looks healthy and youthful at that age, and you haven’t started showing signs of age yet. But anti-aging skin care is a process that will be much less helpful if you wait until you’ve already started seeing signs of aging. Anti-aging skin care is all about prevention—which means it’s never too early to start.

In Your Teens

Most teens aren’t thinking about anti-aging yet. You can’t see the effects of aging on your skin yet in your teens. Your skin is still prone to acne, caused by both hormones and stress. In your teens, it’s important to be in a regular habit of washing your face and applying a light moisturizer, and using sunscreen.

In Your 20s

Most dermatologists can detect early signs of aging in your 20s, even if you can’t yet see it with your naked eye. In addition to washing your face, using a daily moisturizer and sunscreen, you’ll also want to start using preventative skin treatments. Use a hydrating eye cream to fight the effects of long days and late nights.

In Your 30s and Beyond

If you haven’t been following an anti-aging skin-care program before this point, it’s really non-negotiable by the time you reach your 30s. Your skin begins losing some of its elasticity in your 30s. Bad habits of your younger years, like tanning or smoking, will likely be visible by now. At this point, your skin-care regimen is equal parts focused on repair and prevention of further damage.

Your anti-aging skin-care regimen in your 30s should still include the basics. You’ll want to use a daily cleanser, including a gentle eye makeup remover that won’t tug at the delicate skin around your eyes. Consider adding a highly concentrated treatment serum. SeroVital SkinCare’s Ultra-Concentrate Hydrothermal Deep Wrinkle Serum is formulated to visibly lift, tighten, and tone skin. You’ll also want to use an eye cream to fight under-eye bags and dark circles, such as SeroVital SkinCare’s Complete Eye Area Renewal Complex. It is formulated to reduce the appearance of serious dark circles while reducing noticeable puffiness. You’ll also want to start using a night cream, such as the one in SeroVital SkinCare’s Day and Night Total Facial Rejuvenation System. This complete skin-care regimen consists of a light-textured Day Cream and a more concentrated Night Cream for powerful overnight effectiveness.

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