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What’s the Difference Between SeroVital Original and SeroVital ADVANCED?

by SeroVital

You’ve heard of SeroVital, the innovative dietary supplement that raises your body’s own levels of human growth hormone – and you want to take advantage of the great anti-aging benefits it offers. But now you’re faced with a choice: We recently released an additional formula, SeroVital ADVANCED. We get many calls and emails from customers eager for information on which of these great SeroVital formulas they should choose. We’re here to help you make the choice that’s right for you. Let’s take a close look at each of these revolutionary anti-aging products.



The cornerstone of each product is the patented Renewal Complex. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and play a vital role in metabolism and fostering healthy tissues in the body. The precise blend of amino acids boosts hGH levels by stimulating the pituitary gland, located deep within the brain, to produce more hGH.



hGH is an essential hormone that is produced by our bodies. But as we age, our levels of hGH begin to drop dramatically. Once hGH is released into the bloodstream, it travels throughout the body and influences many areas – skin cells, fat cells, collagen tissue, lean muscle, and more. Some scientists call hGH the “youth hormone.” When our hGH levels have dropped, we see it and feel it in myriad ways.



Peak levels of hGH have been associated with:



• Enhancing the appearance of skin



hGH acts as a “cell survivor,” so to speak, by helping prevent skin cell death and stimulating protein synthesis. hGH has been shown to significantly increase the body’s production of collagen, the main structural protein found in skin. Collagen is the basis of many anti-aging skin-care products. Peak hGH levels have also been shown to increase skin thickness. Thinning skin is common as we age, and thinner skin is fragile and more prone to wrinkling and sagging.

  • Reducing body fat

hGH promotes the breakdown of body fat (lipolysis) and inhibits the generation of body fat (lipogenesis). The body uses growth hormone as a metabolic signal to increase fat oxidation and decrease fat formation, which ultimately leads to a decrease in body fat mass



• Improving sleep



Our bodies produce hGH as we sleep. However, as we age, the stage of sleep at which hGH is produced decreases, and therefore the body’s production of hGH decreases. A clinical study showed that time to fall asleep and time awake during the night both decreased with supplementation of the amino acid complex.



• Strengthening bones



Growth hormone prompts a cascade of events in the body that are associated with strengthening bonesand joints, including those of osteocalcin, a protein hormone found in bone, and collagen, the protein that helps make up bones.



• Increasing lean muscle mass



Muscle mass deteriorates with age. Muscle is in a constant state of balance between breaking down and building up. hGH works through a variety of biological mechanisms to build up muscle mass, helping to keep the balance and reducing the deficit that comes as muscle mass deteriorates with age.



• Improving sex drive



Low levels of hGH have been associated with reduced libido in both men and women. In men, peak levels of hGH aid in enhancing libido by playing a role in the hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular axis, which is the major physiologic pathway responsible for male reproductive function. In addition, hGH plays a role in sperm production and can enhance the effects of testosterone. In both men and women, hGH can aid in producing an enzyme that is important for sexual arousal.



• Increasing energy



hGH has been shown to promote muscle mitochondria, the “powerhouses” of the cell. Additionally, studies show an increase in endurance as measured by VO2 max.



• Improving focus



An age-related decline in hGH production has been linked to mental impairment – decreased well-being, loss of memory and cognitive capabilities, and problems related to perception and alertness. Studies have shown that boosted levels of hGH support the brain’s limbic system and hypothalamic areas, triggering improvements in problem solving, psychomotor processing speed, and working memory. Additional benefits of ADVANCED Now we know the basis of both formulas – the Amino Acid Complex. SeroVital ADVANCED builds on the original SeroVital formula. SeroVital ADVANCED has everything that SeroVital has, plus it has additional benefits that are not contained in the original SeroVital formula – specifically, two tablets that promote weight loss and great skin. Let’s look at the additional benefits of SeroVital ADVANCED.



• Weight loss



We know that hGH production triggers a cascade of benefits in the body. However, one of these key benefits can be influenced by a person’s weight. Obesity can cause a condition called hGH resistance, in which a person’s excess body weight inhibits the benefits of hGH. The body’s natural 24-hour hGH secretion process doesn’t function as well in those who are obese.



The good news is that weight loss can reverse this adverse effect and promote the full benefits of increased hGH levels. ADVANCED has a formula – the red tablet – that helps promote weight loss. The red tablet and the amino acid complex allow those taking the ADVANCED formula to experience the concurrent benefits of weight loss and enhanced hGH.



The red pill contains an herbal extract blend – Mentha longifolia (wild mint), Olea europaea (olive), Cuminum cyminum (cumin), and Alchemilla vulgaris (lady’s mantle). Supplementation with this potent herbal blend has been shown in a clinical study to result in weight loss.



This compound, which is taken just once daily in the morning, works through a patented Smart Release Technology. Your body works all day long, and your metabolism works all day long – the herbal compound works all day long as well. Its sustained release will power your weight loss efforts throughout the day.



This formulation was tested in a clinical trial. Subjects who took the herbal blend rather than a placebo showed a significantly improved change in body weight, waist circumference, appetite, and cravings. Results at 4 weeks showed that those who took the herbal blend saw a 5-pound reduction in body weight and a 1.8-inch reduction in waist circumference. Positive results continued throughout 8 weeks, including a significant reduction in body mass index (BMI).



• Better skin – and more



The third component of the SeroVital ADVANCED formula is the white pill. This pill contains a phytoceramide complex that is formulated to promote better skin.

Ceramides – key lipid components of the skin – play a vital role in the barrier function and water-holding function of the skin.

The ADVANCED phytoceramide compound has been formulated with a highly concentrated source of plant-based ceramides from Triticum aestivum (seed) extract, which has been clinically shown to increase skin moisture, skin elasticity, and skin smoothness, while decreasing TEWL, skin micro-wrinkledness, and skin roughness.

TEWL stands for transepidermal water loss. This process is when water passes through the layers of the skin and evaporates into the environment. Although this water loss is a natural process, too much water loss can contribute to dry skin. The phytoceramide complex helps hold more water in the skin, so less is lost through evaporation, and skin remains more hydrated and less dry. A clinical study showed that those taking the phytoceramide complex experienced a significant decrease in TEWL.

The same study showed important results related to improvements in skin elasticity, micro-wrinkledness, and smoothness. These results show that even skim luminosity is improved – phytoceramide supplementation enhances glow and radiance of the skin because it helps resurface the skin.

Besides the phytoceramide formulation to promote better skin, the white pill also contains other beneficial ingredients.

— A small amount of naturally derived caffeine: Caffeine has been clinically shown to significantly improve reaction time involving physical and mental tasks, as well as to increase mental aptitude and alertness. These results show that caffeine, as contained in SeroVital ADVANCED, improves attention and reaction time while boosting alertness and reducing feelings of tiredness and mental fatigue.

— A vitamin-mineral blend, including vitamin D: Low levels of hGH have been linked to a deficiency of vitamin D. Adding a vitamin D supplement has been shown to help facilitate increased levels of hGH signaling.

Do supplements really work?

Many people have questions about the efficacy and safety of supplements. Let’s talk about what a supplement is and isn’t and how they work.

According to the FDA, a supplement is a product taken by mouth that contains a “dietary ingredient” such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, or botanicals, as well as other substances. In short, supplements are substances that supplement the diet.

People with poor diets might look to supplements to get the compounds they are missing. Others may be getting enough nutrients from their food, but seek out supplements for other benefits, such as a boost of energy or to help them get to sleep.

According to the National Institutes of Health, there is evidence that some supplements can be beneficial to health in different ways. For example, calcium supports bone health, and vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium. Vitamin C and vitamin E are antioxidants – substances that can slow or prevent damage to cells. Pregnant women need iron, and folic acid is important to all women of childbearing age. Vitamin B12, found mainly in meat, fish, and dairy foods, keeps nerve and blood cells healthy. Because B12 comes mainly from meat, vegans and vegetarians might consider supplementing with B12. Fish oil is often cited as promoting heart health and likely has the most scientific evidence to support its use, the NIH says.

Do SeroVital and SeroVital ADVANCED really work?

Yes, they do! The amino acid compound in SeroVital and SeroVital ADVANCED is backed by 4 clinical trials, and independent third parties are continuing to do testing. The SeroVital formula is the only formulation on the market that has been scientifically validated and clinically tested, and shown to increase mean hGH levels by 8 times.

We at SeroVital stand by our products 100%. We offer an ironclad money-back guarantee to anyone who is not completely satisfied with their purchase.

Are SeroVital and SeroVital ADVANCED safe?

All the ingredients contained in the SeroVital products have a history of safe use in healthy adults. While the Amino Renewal Complex has been shown to trigger a 682% mean increase in hGH levels, this increase is still within a physiologically normal range.

An important thing to remember is that neither SeroVital nor SeroVital ADVANCED contains any actual hormones. hGH is available in an injection form, and some have turned to these synthetic injections to introduce hGH into the body. However, these injections introduce a synthetic/artificial version of the hormone to the body at very high levels and can cause side effects. These injections are completely different from our SeroVital products.

SeroVital and SeroVital ADVANCED are considered dietary supplements, and as such, do not require premarket approval from the FDA. FDA premarket approval applies only to certain drugs and medical devices. However, SeroVital and SeroVital ADVANCED are regulated by the FDA. The FDA’s good manufacturing practices ruling ensures that supplements are produced in a quality manner, do not contain contaminants or impurities, and are accurately labeled. We comply with all FDA requirements.

Which formula is right for you?

Now that you know more about each formula, which should you choose?

SeroVital ADVANCED is the choice if you want to see results fast and want to amplify your body’s receptivity to increased levels of hGH.

In separate studies on the key ingredients in SeroVital ADVANCED:

• 80% of women reported better looking skin after 60 days. Participants noticed improved hydration, smoothness, and elasticity.

• 98% lost weight after 8 weeks. Participants lost on average 1 pound per week.

• Participants reported a 65% decrease in time awake at night. That is, they woke up less during the night and fell asleep faster.

With SeroVital ADVANCED, you are more likely to see benefits in the first few months. And the benefits will increase as you keep using the product. SeroVital ADVANCED is also the choice if you want to lose weight as you boost your body’s hGH levels. The ADVANCED formula offers all these benefits at $119 for a 30-day supply.

But maybe you don’t need the additional benefits of the ADVANCED formula. In that case, the original SeroVital formula is ideal. The original SeroVital formula is a great preventative approach. It’s something you can do right now as a way to prepare for the aging process to come. The original formula is also stimulant-free, which may be better suited for some people. It also costs a bit less. The original SeroVital is $99 for a 30-day supply.

SeroVital is a lifestyle product. Many of those who try it continue to use it and experience its benefits for years.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Individual results will vary.

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