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Jade Roller

Treat Your Under Eyes to a Jade Roller

by SeroVital



By Guest Author: Hillary Hunt

If tired, puffy eyes are causing you angst, it may be time to consider giving this beauty trend a try: The Jade Roller.

I wouldn’t blame you for suspecting that jade rollers are a momentary trend, favored only by young beauty gurus looking to market the latest skin care gadget. But after some research, I found that this trend is not as fleeting as it may first appear to be. While modern day facials at the spa also utilize this tool, Chinese empresses as far back as the 17th century used jade rollers to give the face a mini massage. In fact, jade tools for massaging out toxins have long been part of Chinese health and wellness practices related to the Gua Sha.

Jade rollers have also been compared to using a cold spoon to reduce eye puffiness, so I’d argue that jade rollers are less a trend and more like a prettier, better designed iteration of a well known beauty trick. Dermatologists and aestheticians generally agree that jade rollers are an effective form of facial massage, which can increase circulation while rolling out slow-moving lymphatic fluid (the stuff that can make us look swollen or puffy). Other claims state that jade rollers reduce fine lines, stimulate collagen, tighten your pores, and aid in product absorption. Long story short, utilizing a jade roller can mean a brighter and more contoured face, particularly around your eyes when used with a quality cream/serum.

Most of these jade tools have a large roller on one end (for cheeks, forehead, jaw), and a small roller on the other (for under eyes and around mouth). Beginning with a clean face, apply your preferred facial cream/serum/oil. Start at your neck to ensure optimal lymphatic drainage, remembering to press only lightly and letting the weight of the stone do the work. You can then roll out your neck, jaw, cheeks, and forehead with the large roller, keeping in mind to generally roll to the outside of your face and slightly upward. Then, flip your roller around to the small end for focusing on the eyes.

For greater product absorption, apply your under eye serum first. Then with the small roller, gently roll in an outward motion from the inside of your under eye to the outer edge. Repeat on the brow above your eye crease. The cool jade stone will decrease inflammation and clear out lymphatic fluid while pressing the serum deeper into your skin. For an extra chill in your jade, keep your roller in the fridge. Be sure you’re disinfecting the jade roller after use to avoid spreading bacteria around your face.

And just for fun, I’ll note that for those who attribute spiritual energy to crystals and stones, jade is considered soothing, purifying, and capable of bringing you good fortune. Other popular versions of the roller come in rose quartz, which is believed to promote loving, compassionate energy. Or you may opt for clear quartz if you’d like to cultivate clarity and focus. While such claims can’t be definitively verified, positive thoughts and pretty stones certainly won’t hurt while you’re engaging in a little self-care.

To sum up, if eye puff or a swollen face is making you feel like less than an empress, try the jade roller. You’ll increase the effectiveness of your under eye products while reducing swelling and clearing out toxins. Happy rolling!

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