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The Skin You Were Born to Have

by SeroVital

Skin. Weighing about eight pounds, it’s our largest organ, and I’m willing to bet it’s also the one we spend the most time thinking about. Many of us would love our skin to be smoother, softer, firmer, and less wrinkled. In a word: younger. Oh, to be able to turn back the clock and have a chat with our younger selves, extolling the virtues of sunblock (“Don’t forget your neck!”) and the consequences of bains in the soleil (“Age spots!”). Unfortunately, time machines don’t exist… but healthy choices and high-performing skin products do. Here are some tips for getting the skin you were born to have.

Everyday Efforts

You know the drill: first and foremost, use sunblock with an SPF of at least 30 every morning, rain or shine. A few clouds do not deter UV rays! Up your water intake, as good hydration means a more radiant you. Make thoughtful nutrition choices, as cleaner eating will affect you inside and out. At the end of the day, wash your face with a gentle soap: you’ll feel better, which means that you’ll sleep more soundly, which will give you rested-looking skin come morning. This is not new information, of course; the trick is to remember and act on what we know to be true.

Adapt a Routine

Does your beauty regimen consist of drugstore sale items and samples from the mall? If it does, and it’s working for you: fantastic. But if you feel that your skin care deserves a more strategic approach, consider finding the right product line for your individual needs, and then consistently use it. SeroVital®’s anti-aging skin-care line was visibly developed to lift, tighten, smooth, and bring radiance. Here’s a look at some top sellers.

Eye Area Renewal Complex

This powerful emulsion reduces the appearance of dark circles and puffiness as it visibly brightens and tightens the delicate eye area.

Day and Night Total Facial Rejuvenation System

With both a day cream and a night cream, this system dramatically improves the look of wrinkles and enhances moisture content and facial contour.

Deep Wrinkle Serum

Developed for the most age-challenged skin, this lifting and firming emulsion will visibly lift, tighten, tone, and smooth as it reduces the appearance of enlarged pores.

Extra Firming Cream for Neck and Décollete

Prevent and correct the appearance of crepe-like skin with this effective, deep- penetrating amino acid-based formula.

Intrigued? Read more about them here:

And remember: no matter what, use sunblock.

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