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Dr Mraz Robinson

Q&A with Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson

by SeroVital

You’ve had a great life. And it’s only getting better from here. But you have noticed the signs of aging – your energy is waning a bit, and maybe your skin is not looking as dewy as it once did? Where do you go for help on how to maintain the vibrancy you had in your youth?

Friends are great resources. If they’ve been where you are, they are going to have a wealth of information to share. Another great source is the internet, of course. But what sites do you trust to give you the best information?

We’ve got the best answer for you – and it’s a combination of the two. We at sat down with board-certified dermatologist Deanne Mraz Robinson to get the scoop on healthy aging. Talking with Dr. Mraz Robinson is like talking with a trusted friend – one who just happens to be an expert on skin and the aging process.

Dr. Mraz Robinson is a highly sought after expert in skincare. She practices at Modern Dermatology in Westport, Conn., and travels nationally and internationally to lecture on a variety of topics, including cosmetic and laser dermatology. She contributes to multiple medical journals, and writers at publications including Allure, Glamour, Esquire, New Beauty, Vogue, Byrdie, and Women’s Health seek her out as a valuable resource.

Dr. Mraz Robinson received her medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry, and continues to participate in research and academia. She was an investigator in several research trials, and serves on the advisory board for leading skincare brands. She is a volunteer faculty member at Yale University of Medicine, Department of Dermatology.

Dr. Mraz Robinson recommends SeroVital ADVANCED to her patients. Here she tells us why she is such a fan of the supplement and how it helps her patients be the best they can be.

Dr. Mraz Robinson, what is SeroVital ADVANCED?

SeroVital ADVANCED is a nutraceutical that naturally enhances our body’s own hGH level. hGH is a master hormone in the body that helps support the growth of collagen and elastin, the building blocks of our skin. It also helps regulate body fat and helps to keep it down during our adult life.

Does SeroVital ADVANCED contain an actual hormone?

No. SeroVital ADVANCED does not contain an actual hormone. What’s so important about SeroVital ADVANCED is that it only enhances our body’s ability to make our own hGH in a very natural and gradual way. Some celebrities and others who seek to boost their hGH level get
hGH shots or get the hormone in an external form – and that can be really dangerous. It raises the hormone level too high. And then when it’s taken away, your body kind of senses that lack of the hormone. Your body can have a withdrawal from it. What’s so important about SeroVital ADVANCED is that it only enhances our body’s ability to make our own hGH in a very natural and gradual way.

Explain a bit more about the science of hGH and how it affects appearance over time.

hGH is a hormone that’s in our body that regulates a lot of things. It regulates collagen and elastin fibers in our skin. Those are the building blocks of our skin. That’s what gives us the turgor, or strength, of our skin, and the elasticity and radiance of our skin. Starting in our 30s, those all start to decline, unfortunately, from sun exposure, pollution, smoke – all these internal and external factors. hGH helps support those building blocks for our skin. hGH also regulates the components of fat underneath our skin – the subcutaneous adipose layer. It also helps regulate the visceral fat, which is the fat around our organs, or the unhealthy fat. hGH also helps regulate our sleep patterns. As we get older, sometimes it’s harder to get a good night’s sleep and feel rested. hGH is really a master of all things in our body.

Why should women care about hGH?

Women’s hGH levels actually fall earlier than men’s. They start to decline in our 20s and 30s, and a lot of the symptoms that we experience and associate with aging are related to this decline in hGH. The ability to have lustrous skin, the change in the content and the distribution of fat in our body, the ability to get a good night’s sleep – these things are so important to all of us. Having that increased level of hGH in our body can ameliorate a lot of the symptoms of aging that we experience.

What ingredients are in SeroVital ADVANCED, and how do they work?

SeroVital ADVANCED has two components, a Morning Blend and an Evening Blend. The Morning Blend has ceramides, which are essential for the skin. Ceramides are fatty acids that build the barrier of our skin. The Evening Blend is a proprietary blend of amino acids, which is what builds our own natural levels of hGH.

Why do you recommend SeroVital ADVANCED to your patients?

I recommend SeroVital ADVANCED to my patients because it is a holistic approach to the aging process. As hGH is a regulator of so many important things that we see and treat in our practice, such as the skin and fat, it’s a great addition to what we’re already doing in our practice. SeroVital ADVANCED gives my patients a holistic approach not only for their skin, but for their body in general.

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