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Is It Safe to Boost Human Growth Hormone? 4 Surprising Ways You Already Are

by SeroVital

You’ve heard about human growth hormone, or hGH, and you’re probably wondering if it is safe to boost your levels of hGH. The thing is – you already are. Our bodies are constantly producing hGH in a number of ways, without us even knowing.

Here are 4 ways you are already increasing your growth hormone:

1. Sleep

During the first phase of slow-wave sleep – often referred to as deep sleep, the phase during which the body repairs itself – your body secretes a large pulse of hGH. This typically occurs during the first hour after you fall asleep. This is part of the body’s natural process of hGH production throughout the day.

2. Exercise

If you hit the gym, you’re already giving yourself a serious boost of hGH. Strength training has been shown to produce a greater increase in hGH levels than endurance exercise. Endurance exercise also increases hGH, but these increases depend on the intensity and frequency of the exercise. If you are doing both types of exercises, you could be giving your hGH levels the maximum boost.

3. Eating

Foods high in amino acids may be bumping up production of this crucial hormone in your body. Protein-packed meats and dairy products provide the nutrition your body needs to encourage hGH secretion. Foods high in choline, such as eggs and shrimp, may also be stimulating hGH release. If you’re eating low on the glycemic index – foods that don’t cause an insulin spike – you are also likely boosting your hGH. These foods include apples, bananas, carrots, corn, mangoes, oranges, pasta, peaches, pears, and strawberries.

4. Intermittent fasting

This might not be something you do consciously or on a regular basis, but if you do, your body is producing hGH. Intermittent fasting helps you drop body fat, which is key to optimizing hGH production. Not only that, but I fasting will keep your insulin levels low for the day, and research has shown that insulin spikes can inhibit hGH.

Exercise, healthy foods, and restorative sleep combine to make you feel great and keep you healthy. But why are they keeping you healthy? Why do you feel so good when you are doing these things? People who are already engaging in these healthy activities are unknowingly upping their hGH levels – that is a key reason for their health. They are feeling great because they are already raising levels of hGH. Clinical studies have shown that optimal levels of hGH help boost mood and increase energy, as well as reduce body fat, reduce wrinkles, and tighten saggy skin.

But maybe you’re not sleeping as well as you used to. Maybe you’re not eating as healthfully as you should. Maybe you’re not getting enough exercise. You could be depriving your body of the restorative power of optimal hGH levels.

So don’t worry about the safety of increasing your hGH levels. Your body is already doing most of the work. And if you think you need a little help, give your body a hand with a safe, hormone-free boost: SeroVital

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