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A Derm’s Tips for Great Skin While Traveling

by SeroVital

One of the hardest times to keep your skin looking great is when you are traveling. Breaking your routine can be great for the soul, but it might not be so good for your skin.

The worst culprit is probably dry air on the airplane. The humidity level of the cabin is much lower than what your skin is probably used to, and your reward for arriving at your destination could be dry, irritated-feeling skin.

“The hardest thing when traveling is staying hydrated,” said Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson. Dr. Mraz Robinson is a board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of Modern Dermatology in Westport, Connecticut. She is a highly sought-after lecturer nationally and internationally on cosmetic and laser dermatology.

Dr. Mraz Robinson recommends drinking plenty of water before and during your flight to keep your body hydrated.

“Using a hydrating mask on the plane could also be really helpful,” Dr. Mraz Robinson said. “The people next to you may look at you like you’re a little bit weird, but it’s totally fine. Put that sheet mask on and hydrate.”

At the hotel, stay away from hotel skincare products, Dr. Mraz Robinson advises.

“Bring some good quality skincare products with you in little travel sizes,” she said. “What you get at the hotels isn’t necessarily the best for your skin, and sometimes changing it up can cause some irritation.”

Now that you’re armed with some good advice, your travels will be worry-free – at last as far as your skin is concerned!

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