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How Giving Up Your Smartphone Can Make you Look Younger

by SeroVital

By: Holly Case, Freelance Writer and Mom of Three Boys

Can you imagine life without your smartphone? Most of us are so dependent on our phones that it feels like something is missing if we accidentally forget it at home. Lots of recent stories have mentioned the fact that smartphone use shares a lot of features with an addiction and shortens our attention spans.

Although there are several good reasons to break the smartphone habit, one of the best is how phones affect our looks. Even if you can’t give up your phone completely, these reasons may convince you to cut back on use.

Improve Your Skin

Did you know that your smartphone harbors more bacteria than a toilet seat? Many people use their phones in all sorts of germy situations, so it’s not surprising that your phone is covered in bacteria like staphylococcus and enteroviruses. Holding that germ-covered phone against your face all day transfers the bacteria to your skin, which could contribute to breakouts and even rashes.

Fight Wrinkles

Staring down at your phone all day can cause wrinkles on your neck, or “tech neck.” While it will take more than a week for the wrinkles to go away, you can at least give your skin a break. In the meantime, if you don’t think you’ll give up your smartphone for the long term, at least use a moisturizer on your neck and be conscious of how you’re holding your phone.

Sleep Better

Sleep is an essential part of looking young and healthy. But many of us are robbing ourselves of the benefits of sleep by looking at our smartphones all night, including while we’re trying to fall asleep. The blue light of the phone interferes with our sleep cycles. Giving up your smartphone—at least at bedtime—will help you to sleep better.

Fight Eye Damage

Our sensitive eyes are vulnerable to the effects of smartphones, too. Staring at a phone screen all day can make your eyes tired, especially if you squint a lot. As a result, you may increase your risk of developing more pronounced crow’s feet and vertical lines between your brows. Give your eyes an extended chance to rest.

Avoid Dark Spots

The heat from your smartphone could mess with the melanin production, especially if you’re fair-skinned. That increased melanin can lead to unsightly dark spots. Want to minimize this effect? Put your phone down for a while and let it cool off.

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