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Valentine’s Day

by SeroVital

February: it’s the only time of year when getting shot by an arrow is a good thing. February 14th, Valentine’s Day, is set aside to celebrate love – something everybody needs, regardless of relationship status. Whether you’re single and fabulous or coupled and contented, embrace (pun intended) this festive day!

Not Just for Twosomes

Valentine’s Day started as something shared by couples, but it’s expanded into something much less restricted. There’s an entire greeting-card line­ devoted to Galentine’s Day, when female friendship is first and foremost, and no partner is necessary. If you’re without a significant other, reach out to a friend and team up. Get together at home, avoid the expense of crowded restaurants, and spend the evening catching up. Another way to get into the spirit is to drop off notes or cards to the kids in your life. Carefully crafted, quickly hand-drawn (hearts are easy!), or store bought, valentines are adored by children, and a message from you would make their day even brighter.

Valentine’s Romance

Will you be spending Valentine’s with someone who makes your heart beat a little (or a lot) faster? If so, why not go all out? Fresh flowers, candlelight, and a Miles Davis playlist have endured for a reason! Seize this chance to let your significant other know just how significant they are to you. Consider putting your warm-and- fuzzy feelings into concrete words. Reminding yourself and your partner of the daily good things can go a long way. For instance, instead of “I love you,” try something like “I love you for scooping the cat litter” or “I love you for doing the tax prep.” Ironically, this kind of down-to-earth communication might lead to out-of-this-world romance.

But let’s keep it real. Passion often dwindles with time, and biology can play a significant role in the reasons why. Low energy, weight gain, and a reduced libido are part of the aging process for many and are enough to make a person want to sleep right through February 14 (but maybe wake up long enough to eat some heart-shaped chocolate).

SeroVital® or SeroVital ADVANCED might be the ticket to a more vibrant, active, and yes, sexy existence. SeroVital has been clinically tested to increase human growth hormone to more youthful levels, naturally. Peak levels of hGH have been associated with improved libido, decreased body fat, improved sleep and increased energy. This could be the perfect Valentine’s gift for your partner and yourself.

Reverse the signs of aging and live every day — not just Valentine’s — to its full potential.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Individual results will vary.

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